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This page is simply a gallery of DMs. Just email me a nice full length picture, at a reasonable resolution, with your name, band, and how many years you've been a DM...

John Gooding
Kevin McHeffner
Tom Trillard
John Gooding,
RAF Waddington.
DM since 1995.
Kevin MacHeffner,
Mesa Caledonian, Arizona, USA.
DM since 1991.
Tom Trillard ,
Auld Alliance Pipe Band,
Aubigny sur Nere, France.
Ron Lewis
Luc Claus
Jason Paguio
Ron Lewis,
formerly Caber Feidh, Los Angeles, USA.
DM since 1976.

Luc Claus,
The Red Hackle, Belgium.

DM since 1984.

Jason Paguio,
Kevin R. Blandford Memorial,
California, USA.
DM since 2000.
World Juvenile Champion, 2004.
Thomas Mogensen
Ken Misch
David Currie
Thomas NÝrby Mogensen,
FanÝ Pipes and Drums, Denmark.
DM since 1997.

Kenneth E Misch, MD
LA Scots, California, USA.
DM since 1974.

David Currie,
Strathclyde Police.
DM since 2003.

Jim Thompson
Tiny Wright
Bill Barclay
Jim Thompson,
Atlanta Pipe Band, USA.
DM since 1984.

Robin 'Tiny' Wright
1066 Pipes and Drums, Hastings.
DM since 2002.

Bill Barclay,
Grampian Police.
DM adjudicator.

Mick Hay
Tony Bidgood
Craig McAlister
Mick Hay,
Last DM of the Royal Scots,
the First Regiment of Foot.

Tony Bidgood,
Tasmania Police Pipe Band, Australia. DM since 1998.

Craig McAlister,
Monkstown Mossley Pipe Band, Belfast. DM since 1988.

Mickie Shaw
Dennis Metz
Harry Thomas
Mickie Shaw (ne Lujan),
Cameron Highlanders of San Diego, USA. DM since 1983.
WUSPBA DM adjudicator.

Dennis Metz ,
Clan Donald Pipes & Drums, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.
DM since 2000.

Lt. Harry M. Thomas (Navy)
49th Field Regiment Pipes & Drums, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.

Andrew Steed
George Petrunchio

Andrew Steed,
Parkinson Accordion Band, UK.
DM since 1999

George Petrunchio,
Westwood, New Jersey, USA.
DM, Tutor & Visual Technician.
DM for 40 years.

Mickey Powell
Jim & Mickey Powell
Mickey Powell,
London Scottish 1990-2002. Senior DM The London Regt.

Jim Powell, the London Irish Rifles, and son Mickey Powell, the London Scottish Regt, shortly before the amalgamation of the two regiments with the Princess of Wales Royal Regt to form the London Regt.