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This section is for those intending to compete. Competitions are run across the world under the auspices of the various pipe band associations and the rules may vary from region to region. Make sure that you get an up to date set of rules from your local branch or association.

Hopefully everyone will treat this seriously and make contributions as with all the other sections. For the present here are some tips for budding competitors.

  • Always arrive at a contest on time. Allow enough time for your journey, and make sure you know when the contest will start.
  • Practise - don't overdo it! There is always a temptation to practise too much. This can lead to sports type injuries. If you practise on the day of a contest, again don't overdo it: it is good to warm up just before your heat (not before the inspection), but don't do too much if there is a risk of the contest running late, you may go past your best!
  • Make note of which direction you are going to perform in, note if the sun is in your eyes, and check which way the wind is blowing.
  • Get a feel for the different judges and what they like and dislike and adjust your performance accordingly.
  • Read a little about sports psychology. Learn to build yourself up before a contest, physically too. It is a physical activity after all, so treat it like one when training.
  • Look after your kit whether it is your own or the band's. Hang it up immediately you take it off. Always let it dry out thouroughly and clean it before the contest, not on the morning!
  • Always treat other competitors with respect. You can learn a lot from each other, so talk to each other. People come to compete to learn how to improve, that is the point of competitions according to the various associations' constitutions.
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